Overall, I had expected much less diversity of languages at The Rocks. As someone very new to Sydney, with very little knowledge about markets much less anything here, I let my group choose my location. I presumed it would be primarily English speaking with very little other language use. In some ways we were seeing it as a “control”, but it ended up as nothing of the sort.
While I was surprised by the amount of other languages heard just walking through, it was still mostly English. I heard a few stall owners speaking another language including French and an Aboriginal language, but was never able to really get an interview. The Aboriginal woman’s stall was simply too busy and the French woman wasn’t very social, so I didn’t feel comfortable going up to interview either of them. Another difficulty was finding market-goers to talk to. All the ones I interacted with seemed to be on a mission to find something, or just uninterested in helping in this project. The third issue was that there wasn’t much information elsewhere about The Rocks Market. I think this is due to the rich history about the area, but also the simple fact that it is an area and not simply a market.