Observations and Interview Challenges

Leah T.

Observations at Paddy’s Markets

Among the stall holders of Paddy’s Markets there is a close knit community: they watch over each other’s stalls to reduce theft and allow short breaks for single owner stallholders. During my observations I noticed that many stall holders speak to each other in languages other than English. Mrs D revealed to me that many stallholders communicate with each other exclusively in Mandarin in her immediate area, Mrs D also regularly speaks with customers in both Mandarin and Cantonese. Mr B reported to me that he finds that regularly there are customers who do not speak any English at all, he believes that this is because of the high number of tourists in the area.

Interview Challenges at Paddy’s Markets

At the markets I had to be aware of the constraints of the area.

I approached vendors who were not otherwise busy with customers, interviews had to be brief and not interfere with the operation of their businesses. I achieved greater success when I spoke with vendors who had multiple people working the stall, during quieter periods.