Leah T.

How long have you worked here at Paddy’s Markets?

Oh about 10 to 15 years I suppose.

Do you speak any languages other than English?


Any other languages?

Only English.

Do you notice your customers speaking languages other than English?

All the time. You hear them speaking other languages to each other.

Do you know what languages the customers are speaking?

We are pretty close to Chinatown, so Chinese I guess. We also get lots of tourists – Japanese, German and the like.

Do you ever communicate with customers in Turkish?

Only if they speak Turkish. Not very often, sometimes you’ll get a customer who speaks Turkish that’s always good to connect with them.

Have you noticed any changes in language usage over time?

There are a lot more tourists. Some of them can’t speak any English which can be difficult, or they’ve got limited English.

Have you ever noticed any positive or negative reactions to anyone speaking a language other than English?

Most people around here are pretty friendly, almost everyone makes an effort to communicate with the tourists. We only really care if we can’t communicate.

How do you overcome the language barrier?

Usually we just gesture or use written signs, to work out the sizing and payment.