As it can be observed, the main languages that have been used in this Coptic Orthodox Church includes Arabic, English, Ancient Greek and Mandarin. The majority community that attending to this church is Arabic speaking Egyptians. Thus , Arabic signs, scripts and posters can be seen in many places in this church.

It is very interesting to see that the church offers multiple languages religion services. Services that were offered to mainly senior members, the language use would more likely to be Coptic or Arabic, while for service that deliver to youth group or younger generation of the Egyptian community, the priests often use mixed language with some traditional Arabic greetings and then common English speaking content to priesting.

After I attended the a number of  masses in this church, I realized that the church has a very cultural inclusive atmosphere which encourage people from other cultural background to join in their service. For instance, the church started running a Friday night bible study group for the international students, and the language use in this special group is wide. Students, whom mostly from UNSW, gathered here and read the bible together, one of the most interesting linguistic interaction was that after a while of Bible study, the students began exchanging their own languages, such as Mandarin, Malaysian, Indonesian.

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Mingyu Tang