While walking through I came across the same logo twice- once with a middle aged man selling dried fruit and honey and the other a young woman selling fudge. I talked to both of them for a little bit, finding out they were father and daughter who make these products on their family’s farm. The dad has been coming for 10 years, about the same as the jeweler, and recently recruited his daughter to help out. One thing I witnessed from his interactions with customers that interested me about the man was that he made a point to speak very clearly and slowly to every customer. He enunciated every sound in order to help people understand what he was saying and help those who didn’t have English as their first language. If the customer responds in English, he will speed up a bit, at least for me. Over the years, he has seen a large diversity of languages, similar to those of the previous two stalls interviewed.

The daughter, still very new to The Rocks, didn’t have the same openness as her father, but made a point about a large Asian community coming around every weekend, but no specifics or how it changes her own language use.