Exploring the signage!

I began my exploration of Fairfield Markets by searching for photographic evidence of linguistic diversity.  Having grown up in the Fairfield City region, visiting the markets when i was a child and exploring the ABS data on the city, I entered the markets with the notion that there would be signs written in different languages to cater to the diverse cultures. (Shown below, is a food stand with signage written in Vietnamese).

vietnamese sign

So, what i found interesting was that despite half of the Fairfield City region speaking a language other than English, there should have been more bilingual signage. The rest of the signage which is depicted below was written in English. Thus, I concluded that the purpose behind the lack of diverse signage was because most residents and vendors can speak and understand at least basic English and perhaps, this is a way of getting the residents and vendors used to communicating in English. Also, although the signage was very monolingual, i was still convinced that there would be a lot of different languages spoken. So stay tuned as my next post will explore the music and the different languages spoken!                                                                                Yvonne Gahshan Z5015935