Demographics of Fairfield City 

As Fairfield Markets was my market of choice, I decided to some research and explore the demographics of the region in order to give me a deeper understanding of the languages that are dominant and ultimately, spoken at the showground.  According to a report titled ‘Cultural Diversity in Fairfield City’, Fairfield is the 4th largest LGA in NSW by population with a staggering 205,479 residents and a population estimate of 243,651 by 2026. Furthermore, 50.1% of residents are from a non-English speaking background (NESB) which is a large amount in comparison to Australia as a whole which is 16.4%.

The report found that Vietnam and Iraq are the most common places of birth for immigrants and Western Roman Catholic was the predominant religion adopted by Fairfield City residents. In regards to languages, 69.9% = 131, 164 of residents speak a language other than English at home.

Therefore, based on the data examined, I entered the showground with the expectation that Middle Eastern languages such as Arabic and Assyrian would be mostly spoken as well as Asian languages such as Vietnamese and Chinese.  However, this presumption was not wholly reflected when I visited the market. In fact, there was some language diversity other than the dominant cultures reported on which will be explored in the upcoming posts.fairfield data.png
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Yvonne Gahshan