Farther along the stalls I met a woman who knits hats of all sizes and designs. She is an Italian woman who has been working at The Rocks for about four years. She hears many languages including, but not limited to English, German, Italian, French, Chinese, Korean and many others. English is still the primary language heard. While she can only converse in English and Italian, over her time working at The Rocks she has learned three to four words and phrases in many other languages, such as “hello”, “have a nice day”, and “thank you”. She uses these as a way to make the customers feel more comfortable and many times will also help with the purchases. While these efforts are well received, they are still not used much. She believes most of The Rocks visitors are tourists but doesn’t believe it is affected much by the cruise ships in the Barbour but more so the tourists who come to stay in nearby hotels. This surprised me due to the proximity to the docking location for cruise ships, but she did have a point.