The St.George Coptic Orthodox Church in Kensington was established at July 1973 in order to serve the community in Eastern Suburbs, it is the first Coptic Orthodox Liturgy prayed in Kensington. The historical background of St. George church has closely relationship with the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria which was established early in the early in the first century between 48-61 AD, by Saint Mark the Apostle. The majority of this church community are Egyptian background, mostly first and second generation of the Egyptian immigrants. Egyptian Jews, Coptic Christians and Protestants each accounted for about 5 per cent of the Egyptian population, and ‘a handful’ were Egyptian Muslims. The number of the Egyptian immigrants largely raised after the mid-1960s. In response to the ‘pan-Arabist’ and ‘pan-Islamic’ policies in Egypt in the 1950s, the majority of Sydney’s Egyptian immigrants are Christian.

The church is located at St George church is located at Bowral St, Kensington. Although the Coptic Orthodox belief is not the dominant belief in Egypt, yet the coptic orthodox church in Sydney plays an important role as a local community facilitator and contact to Egypt.