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Interviewer: Sarah Raymon (Sa)

Interviewee: Father Nektarios (FN)

Sa: What languages are spoken in this space?

FN: Both Greek and English. Actually only in this church we use all Greeks, but in all Greek curches

now we use both languages; Greek and English

Sa: What languages are used during the religious services?

FN: They most Greeks and English. I run only in Greek. And the sermons in Greek.

Sa: What is the significance of having this language space? Why is it important to have a specifically

Greek church?

FN: You know, first of all you need to survive the people, you keep in the true way, and when us

Greek we try to give the religion and language, this two is most important for every one. But the

Greeks is langauge and religion family is the most important things. Thus we try to keep the

people what they want and keeping the Greek culture.

Sa: Does this church offer language lessons and why?

FN: All curchs have Greek afternoon classes for the children, to keep the language. We have here but

we dont have many Greek children here, but we still continue.

Sa: Do you offer English language classes for immigrants?

FN: Not now. Now no need, because we have now second generation going to third generation

and talking is very well now

Sa: Which language is used for social interaction in this space?

FN: English, all the people is different, outside the curch they speaking English.

Sa: Do members of your community switch between English and Greek in conversation?

FN: From the people come from the Greece, yes, use both sometimes. Talk Greek and putting some

English word.

Sa: Do the third generation memebers of your community feel it is important to preserve Greek

language and culture?

FN: Well from this is a little bit harder, Greek language. But try you know. Well the church do

anything to make the comfortable.. and would like the Greek, try to make the Greek people


Sa: Do you have any non-Greek speaking memebers?

FN: If the people in the true who are, who found the god, because the life with out god is something

heavy. People who is far from the god, does[n’t] matter who is, does[n’t] matter how much he

have a, how glory, how everything is unhappy. In any nationality, come here speaking know some

word. Many people try call me father in Greeks, Padre. You know we have more nationality here,

we provide the lunches every day and we have all nationality and everybody coming. No come

for the church service. Under the god we are everyone the same.

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