Leah T.

Paddy’s Market

Cnr Hay St and Thomas St, Sydney, NSW 2000


I have begun investigating the Linguistic Landscape at Paddy’s Market. The market sells a range of goods, including; produce, souvenirs, clothing, accessories household objects and other items.

Having previously visited Paddy’s I knew I would overhear other languages being spoken between vendors and customers, so on my first visit I sought to find visual evidence of other languages being used by vendors. As the market is adjacent to the Chinatown district, Chinese characters were the primary alternate orthographic script to English.

Bilingual job advertisement in Indonesian and Chinese

These signs were not at all what I was expecting when I had their content translated: found in the fresh food section of the market, the signs are in Indonesian and Chinese, both signs are advertising a position available.

The other common type of other language use that was predominant was on packaging of items, including food and other novelty items.

While the market is multicultural and vibrant, there is a level of English language dominance as the lingua franca of the wider community, there was also evidence of Chinese, Indonesian and Korean.

I hope to learn even more about the linguistic landscape after interviewing vendors and patrons on my next visit.