The Jewish Learning Centre is in North Bondi and its membership is sourced from the surrounding suburbs including Bondi, North Bondi, Rose Bay and Dover Heights. These suburbs have a very large Jewish concentration as seen in the table below from Monash University.

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The learning centre and synagogue has been around for approximately 20 years. As there is a large South African Jewish community in Sydney, and the Rabbi of JLC is South African, there are many South African congregants, this explains the strong sense of community. It is important to notes that the South African Jewish community is originally from Lithuania which explains the strong Ashkenazi traits found in prayer and religious discussion.

Jews have lived in Sydney since colonisation and the community has developed over the years with 120 000 Jews in Australia today, 40.8% of the population living in NSW and 43, 261 living in Sydney. The Sydney Jewish community is mostly a form of Orthodox, JLC is a Modern Orthodox synagogue. However not everyone who identifies as Orthodox is religious, many of the members who come only for the High Holidays may not consider themselves religious but still choose a Modern Orthodox synagogue. Modern Orthodoxy refers to the keeping of religious practices and traditions and an observance of the strict rules of the religion, however requires modern interpretations of the laws and an inclusion in modern society. Most of the members of the synagogue who come weekly or even daily are observant Modern Orthodox Jews. Hence they have a high level of religious education.

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