Deena Hymowitz

Market of choice-

The Rocks Market

I have designed interview questions so ask stall owners and market-goers at The Rocks Market regarding the linguistic ecology of the area and the specific languages heard around. Due to it’s prime location, located between the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, it is a popular tourist attraction, especially for cruise boats arriving in the harbour. During my initial visit, I was expecting it to by primarily a monolingual environment, which was the case, but seemed very mutlicultural. There seemed to be a large Irish presence (completely with Irish dancing) probably due to the large Irish Pub located next to the stalls. There were many accents being heard, including Scottish, British, and American. I overheard one stall owner speaking in French to a customer, but besides this interaction and a Chinese tour group, everything seemed to be predominately English.

I’m excited to go back next weekend to find out more about the Rock’s use of language from the stall owners. There are many who have been at the same stall every weekend for over 20 years so I am very curious how the language ecology has changed over their time spent at The Rocks Market