Glebe Markets

Info: Every Saturday (April – Dec) 10am-4pm, Glebe Public School, 9-25 Derwent Street, Glebe NSW 2037, Australia

Student: Madison Sloane

Glebe markets, located approximately 1.4km from Central Station, was my allocated market for our Linguistic Landscape project. Glebe markets is a community market that sells new, second hand and vintage clothes, jewellery, home-made goods, as well as fast food vendors.

Initially I had this idea in my head that I would see numerous signs in languages other than English, and have quite a straightforward approach to my analysis and interviews. It soon became obvious that the linguistic diversity was subtler, and it many ways it appeared monolingual (but not necessary monocultural). The majority of signs were in English, but there were multiple non-English interactions, and stall owners selling international products. This led me to form questions on the inconsistency of language use between signs, interactions and stalls; the monolingual attitudes that may exist, and whether this was different in the past and will change in the future.

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