As the numbers of Tamil people immigrating to Australia rose, a Hindu society, the Saiva Manram, formed in 1985 to build the first temple for the deity Lord Murugan (or Murukan). The plot was bought in 1990 and building started in 1994, by which time there were about 18,690 Tamil people in Australia. Murugan is the main deity but many others are worshipped (“Murugan Temples In Australia,” n.d.)

The official website puts forward its aims as encouraging Saivam (or Shaivism, a sect of Hinduism that worships Shiva as the Supreme Being) and preserving the Tamil language. It does this through creating a space for worship, wedding and funeral ceremonies, dance, music, and art. Much of the space is also devoted to study, with a library of materials on history, culture, Tamil, philosophy and religion. The community also sponsors and conducts research and hosts religious classes on Sundays (“Home – Sydney Murugan Temple,” n.d.) It therefore has an expansive role to play for Hindu and Tamil people in New South Wales.



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Jenny Browne