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Community name: St George Coptic Orthodox Church

Languages spoken: Arabic, English, Greek, Chinese, Indonesian

Address: 3a Bowral St, Kensington, NSW 2033

Contact details: saintgeorgechurchsyd@hotmail.com

Plan of action:  I have written a comprehensive interview questionary, collecting information including the interviewee’s cultural background, language, reason for coming to this church. The interview also included interviewee’s observation about the various language in this church. My first interview was with one of the senior church members who was running a Friday Mandarin bible study group. He introduce his program progress and the target group was international students.It was very enlightening that the church actually has this rich history heritage and also a very culturally inclusive language environment.

My following interviews will focus on the individuals from each language group in this church. I will try to  collect  more details about the various language uses in this church.