Community name: Jewish Learning Centre

Languages spoken: English and Hebrew

Address:  60c Blair Street, North Bondi, Sydney, NSW

Contact details: Phone: 9265 5667 Email:

Plan of action: I will go to the site and take photos of all interesting signs and texts that I can find that show the overall language use and community. I want the pictures to represent the true site and explain everything as they appear in context. I will interview the Rabbi to see his opinions on how language is used in the community. I will do some further research using the course texts and decide whether I need further data collection; if I find insufficient evidence to make any sort of claim. I will use the data I collect and the information given in the course and course texts to make an analysis of the way language is used in this area. Finally, I will discuss with my peers to see how language is used in their sites so I can determine if there are any similarities and differences between different places within the religious domain. All of these findings I will discuss in my personal reflection I will hand in after the blog is complete.

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