For our group, our domain is school and we will be focusing on the presence (or lack) of linguistic diversity within educational institutions. As school is a private domain, there seems to be limited access to information about our schools both online and in person. Since most of our participants will be underage, it will limit our research options (video recording, observation).

For data collections, we will be exploring four different schools in various locations (Castle Hill, Fairfield, Strathfield, and Normanhurst). We will be collecting our data through participating in short conversations with students (5-10 minutes duration) and writing the transcript to analyse linguistic diversity in our domain. We will also create a survey to collect data from a broad range of students from each individual area. The survey will consist of closed-ended and open-ended questions as well as multiple choice and short answers. In addition to the interview and survey, we will be visiting our schools and collecting photos of signs that show linguistic diversity (if there are any). Through these methods, we can explore different aspects of students’ attitudes and awareness towards linguistic diversity.

By next week, we are planning to visit our schools and interview students and the survey will be carried out throughout the study.