Jenny Browne Z5059103

Community Name: Known as the Saiva Manram or Sydney Murugan Temple

Languages Spoken: English and a variety of Indian languages (primarily Tamil and Sanskrit)

Address: 217 Great Western Hwy, Mays Hill NSW 2145

Contact details: (02) 9687 1695

Plan of action: Since I didn’t have a connection to any churches or temples, I wasn’t initially sure where to begin. I thought of interviewing someone at the secular “church” called Sunday Assembly, as a contrastive look at how language use differs when there is not an ethnic connection to the religion. However from what I could gather from their website and Facebook page, all signs, posts and interactions were English, which I didn’t think would make for a particularly varied or interesting assignment.  Instead, I messaged my religious friends if they would be interested in being interviewed about language in their religious institutions. A couple of the people I asked were too busy to be interviewed in time, or didn’t go to a church or temple. Eventually I found someone who was excited to talk about language in her Hindu temple, the Saiva Manram. I messaged her to find a suitable time for both of us to meet at the temple. Unfortunately, photography and filming is not permitted inside the temple but I could conduct the interview and take photos outside.