Sarah Raymon z5088056

Community Name: St. Constantine and Helen Church, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia

Languages spoken: English and Greek

Address: 376-378 King St, Newtown NSW 2042

Contact details: (02) 9519 7868

Plan of action:

I have encountered some difficulty in getting an interview with a Father from a Greek Orthodox Church. I have contacted a few churches and found a consistent hesitation to have an outsider come in and ask questions. The first question I have been asked over the phone each time has been: “are you Greek?”, and when I reply that I am not there seems to be an immediate mistrust. Another issue I have encountered is that of language barrier. It seems that the priests function primarily in Greek language and as such there has been a difficulty with communication and I have been unsuccessful in clearly explaining what it is I am hoping to get and why.

After contacting three Greek churches I have found a Father that is happy to talk to me about his community from the church listed above. I will do a site visit this week where I will further explain my intentions to the Father and get a consent form signed to take photos and do an interview so that I may use any information gathered from the encounter for the purpose of this assignment.